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Kuta Takashima Photo Exhibition
高島空太写真展 "ざわつき 2016"
作家:高島空太 / Kuta Takashima
会期:2016年 2月6日(土)〜3月6日(土)
オープニング:2月7日(日) 15:00〜
また、自分の写真が誰かの内に存在する世界の一枚になることができれば、それは自己の認識の大きな手がかりとなる。しかしな がら完成は しないとも思う。だからこそ撮っていくのです。


- 高島空太
Not being able to find the certainty of existence of the world.
Without consciousness of self, detached with infirmity and anxiety.
There are moments I am immune to those sensations, I call those moment “Zawatsuki”.
I am sometimes shrouded in Zawatsuki. Regardless of the situation and out of the blue.
To recognize these moments, and to get as close as possible to it’s essence.
I accumulate these moments using photography as a means.
These moments fading away lead to the confrontation between the inside and outside.
To complete this puzzle in the realm of spiritual, I continue to photograph.
And furthermore, if any one of my photographs could enter and come to life in someone’s spiritual realm,
it will also allow me a clue to my self-awareness.
However there will never be completion.
This is why I continue to photograph.

高島空太 / Kuta Takashima
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